Richtenburg Watch Winder R70200 black

Richtenburg Watch Winder R70200 black
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Watch Winder

R70200 black


  • Finest black velvet interior
  • Elegant shiny black finish outside
  • Security glass window
  • Locking system
  • Dimensions: 32 cm x 24,5 cm x 21,8 cm

  • Watch winder for 4 watches and storage space for further 5 watches
  • Atuomatic turning clockwise and counter clockwise with selectable speed as well as stopp function
  • Automatic timer for daily rotation programme repeat function. No manual start is necessary
  • Power adapter incl. cable: 230V AC 50HZ, powersaving 3V
  • Battery operation LR14 type 2, size C
  • Selectable rotation programmes: Clockwise, counter, clockwise and alternatively turning
  • Selectable rotation speed from 900 to 1700 revolutions per day.
  • Adjustable pads for different bracelet length
  • High quality product according to CE Certification

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